department of turkısh language and lıterature

Department of Turkish Language and Literature was founded in 1992 as one of the leading departments at Celal Bayar University.

At the beginning of foundation, courses taught in the department were constituted of five main scinece disciplines called Old Turkic Language, Modern Turkic Language, Classical Turkish Literature, Modern Turkish Literature and Folklore. Later in 2001 one main scinece discipline named Contemporary Turkic Dialects and Literatures was included. Currently the Department continues its education with the courses consisting of these six main science disciplines.

At the time of foundation, Department of Turkish Language and Literature has started education with 4 scholars. The number of scholars/staff increased year by year up to the present. At present the motivated and dynamic academic staff of the Department includes; 3 professors, 2 associate professor, 12 assisstant professors, 2 prelectors and 5 assistants. A modern, qualified and ambitious education is given to 700 students, , 350 of whom are daytime students and 350 of whom are enrolled as evening clasess students. All scholars specialized in either Turkish language and Turkic dialects or Turkish literature instruct students in modern Turkish, old Turkish, Turkic dialects, classical litereature, modern literature, folk literature, Turkish culture, etc.

The Department has given its first alumni in the year of 1997. At the beginning of the acadeic year 1996-1997, the evening program (2nd educational program) started accepting the students. At the time of foundation, the number of students in one classroom (at one level) was 36, up to now the number of students in one level (classroom) has been increased as high as 90 by the Institution of Higher Education.

The students graduated from the Department earn the title of Turkish philologist. These alumni students can be researchers in Turkish language and/or literature. The students can also have opportunities to become teachers in the discipline of Turkish language and Turkish literature in highschools of Ministary of Education and private institutions/organisations given special courses to the candiate students on the way of University.

Besides the bachelor's degree, The Department also offers graduate programs. The students can also continue their education as a graduate students in Master of Arts for 2 years programs and Ph.D. for 3 years programs(at least).

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