Physics Department has opened in 1993 and started to accept its first students in 1994. 

Bachelor of Physics (First Cycle) Degree is awarded to graduates who have successfully completed all courses in the curriculum. The graduate students take the title of "Physicist".

Job Positions for graduated students: Physics Teacher at Middle and High schools, Lecturer at universities. Moreover, Physicists can be beneficial at research and development laboratories of various industrial areas.They can work at govermental and private sector institutions such as Institution of Mineral Research and Exploration, Institution of State Hydraulic Works, The Scientific and Research Council of TÜRKİYE, Turkish Atomic Energy Authority.            

  Laboratories for students in Department of Physics: 

Physics-I Mechanics Lab.

Physics-II Electricity Lab.

Electricity and Electronics Lab.

Modern Physics Lab.

Waves and Oscillations Lab.

Optics Lab.

Atomic and Molecular Physics Lab.          

  Research Labs in Department of Physics: 

Advanced Nuclear Physics Lab.

Radiotherapy Physics Lab.

Atomic Physics Lab.

Synthesis Lab.

Luminescence Lab.


about faculty

Established through the Act No.3837 in 1992, The School of Arts and Sciences commenced education in the academic year of 1993-1994.

The undergraduate education is 4 years, and the graduates are assigned to work as teachers in primary and secondary schools and private schools of Ministry of National Education, as well as private preparation classes after they complete their post-graduate studies without thesis.

The Faculty is comprised of the Departments of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Turkish Language and Literature, Mathematics, Western Languages and Literatures and Educational Sciences.

Undergraduate education is given both in regular (daytime) and secondary (nighttime) programmes in the Departments of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Turkish Language and Literature, and Mathematics. Regular education in the Department of English Language and Literature commenced in the academic year of 2002-2003.

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